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Operationalizing DevSecOps

Join Shiri Arad Ivtsan, Senior Director of Product Management -, in this editorial roundtable to explore the challenges DevOps teams and developers face in operationalizing security into their workflows and processes, and how AI and automation can help.

Plan and Protect: A Modern Plan for Open-Source Security

In today’s digital world, open-source software is vital to modern application development. And as we know, what’s important to the business world is important to threat actors. But how can companies successfully combat the rising tide of vulnerabilities? Join experts from WhiteSource and Microsoft as they discuss the value of blending proactive practices to code...

How SAST and SCA together make your security stronger?

Risks from application vulnerabilities have multiplied as more applications get developed. To address this issue, Static Application Security Testing (SAST) identifies security vulnerabilities in the custom code written by application developers. Simultaneously, Software Composition Analysis (SCA) safeguards the open-source components that comprise between 60% and 80% of the codebase in modern applications. Join Susan St.Clair,...

How to Build a Threat Model for Kubernetes Systems

As Kubernetes adoption grows, its attack surface expands with it, allowing bad actors to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the cloud-native stack. In addition, the complexity of Kubernetes and the lack of proper security controls make the attacks targeting Kubernetes clusters and containers hosted in them a real risk for organizations. With the threat landscape...

SCA Your First Step Toward Supply Chain Security

Research shows that open source supply chain attacks are now the #2 most common attack vector. The breach of SolarWinds showed just how devastating a software supply chain attack can be. Protecting the software supply chain is a complex challenge that includes code signing, identity and access management, policy and software composition analysis (SCA).