Mend for Azure Repos

The application security solution that’s completely
integrated with Microsoft Azure

Secures Software Without Slowing Development in
Your Native Environment

Seamless AppSec Integration Into Microsoft Azure DevOps


Scan at the repository to shift security left while still enforcing policies. Get feedback while working on code, making remediation easier.

Automatically prioritize and remediate security vulnerabilities.

More efficient
Get scan results directly in your Azure DevOps Repos.

Learn More About the Benefits of Application Scanning in the Repository Launches Azure Repository Integration
The integration gives developers full-spectrum application security that enables automated remediation without slowing development.

DevSecOps in an Agile Environment
There is a misconception that DevSecOps slows things down and that Agile results in bad software. Here is how they can co-exist with one another.

Mend for Azure Repos Integration
Integrates seamlessly with Azure DevOps Repos, giving developers a tool they love to use because it improves software security without slowing software development.