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Mend.io Collaborates with Kondukto’s New Demo Hub

Mend.Io Collaborates With Kondukto’s New Demo Hub
Mend.Io Collaborates With Kondukto’s New Demo Hub

When you’re trying to choose the right application security solution, navigating the options on the market can be bewildering. At Mend.io, we know that software developers and DevOps professionals use multiple tools to identify security issues in different stages of the software delivery life cycle and different code types. And we’re dedicated to making every aspect of AppSec as seamless as possible, which includes making your solution selection as easy as it can be.

To that end, we’re delighted to begin a collaboration with Kondukto’s new Demo Hub that will enable you to evaluate and compare solutions from the leading vendors in the field and request a demo from within one platform with as little as two clicks.

Why is Mend.io collaborating with Kondukto Demo Hub?

We appreciate that bringing together the best-of-breed tools and comparing them under one roof is a highly sought-after capability that can help any organization get to brass tacks: what each vendor can do and how they achieve it.

Mend.io’s inclusion in Kondukto’s Demo Hub reinforces our status as a key supplier of a variety of security tools, including SCA, SAST, container image security, infrastructure as code, and defense against malicious packages.

“Mend.io and Kondukto have been long-standing partners, so we’re proud to be among the first to be introduced to Kondukto’s Demo Hub,” says Cobi Tal, global partner director at Mend.io. “We believe this joint approach will further prove the ease of use and the speed in which developers can implement AppSec across their technology stack with Mend.io, all in just a couple of clicks.”

What does Demo Hub do?

For quite some time, Kondukto has been thinking about ways to help its users try out the integrations of its technology partners. Demo Hub is an industry-first feature that’s integrated into the Kondukto platform, to make it easier for customers to do this.

“The launch of our Demo Hub as a native feature of the Kondukto Platform marks an important first step for our 2023 Partner Program,” said Cenk Kalpakoglu, co-founder and CEO at Kondukto. “This innovative feature, directly integrated within our platform, makes it easy for customers to find the right partner technologies. It also shows our commitment to further deepening the collaboration with our technology partners.”

The Demo Hub will build on the strong collaboration between Kondukto and Mend.io and other participating technology partners to help customers close gaps in their AppSec stack.

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Meet The Author

Cobi Tal

Cobi is Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at Mend.io. His career spans more than 20 years in leading high-tech companies, selling advanced applications to global enterprise and telco customers both directly and indirectly via partnerships. During his career, he has successfully established, led, and developed teams of solution sales experts, product, marketing, and development across the world.

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