How can I package and distribute my Python application along with its dependencies as a standalone executable?

Asked 8 months ago

Hi! What steps and tools should I use to package my Python application along with its dependencies to distribute it as a standalone executable file?

Pablo Brewer

Friday, November 03, 2023

Begin by installing a packaging tool such as PyInstaller or cx_Freeze, which simplifies the process of creating an executable file from your Python script. These tools bundle your script together with the Python interpreter and all necessary dependencies, eliminating the need for end-users to install Python or additional packages. Next, ensure that your script includes all the essential dependencies required for its functionality. You can specify these dependencies in your Python script or use a "requirements.txt" file to manage them efficiently. This step ensures that the executable file remains self-contained.

Once you've set up your project and dependencies, you can use the Python command-line interface to initiate the executable file creation process. These tools will package your script into a standalone executable that users can run directly on their machines, regardless of whether they have Python installed.

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