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Mend.io Announces Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition to Support Dependency Management with Unlimited Scalability

Industry-leading dependency management tool now offers dedicated premium support and Smart Merge Control for enterprise users

TEL AVIV, Israel and BOSTON, October 31, 2023 – Mend.io, a leader in application security, today launched Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition. Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition adds unlimited server scalability, dedicated support, and premium features to Renovate, the world’s leading dependency management tool. 

Mend Renovate is the industry leader in dependency management, downloaded more than a billion times — including by most of the top 10 tech giants — to help keep their applications safe and up to date. It scans application software to identify external dependencies and automate changes to projects to upgrade to the latest version of these dependencies. The Renovate CLI as well as Mend’s free Renovate Community Edition process one repository at a time, which is often suitable for small to medium development environments, but provides significant lag for developers when companies have thousands of repositories. Renovate Enterprise Edition addresses this problem through unlimited horizontal scaling of server resources, offering organizations the ability to process large numbers of repositories simultaneously to provide maximum responsiveness for developers. 

Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition also offers dedicated Premium support from Mend.io and access to premium features from Mend.io, such as Smart Merge Control, a feature that allows developers to customize the way pull requests (PRs) are delivered based on how likely an update is to be backwards-compatible. This can help developers quickly process updates with limited testing and with less failures, providing significant productivity gains.

“Keeping dependencies up to date is one of the most effective ways to reduce technical debt and avoid software vulnerabilities, especially as most companies rely heavily on external dependencies” said Rhys Arkins, Mend.io Vice President of Product. “Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition offers a commercially supported version of Renovate built with the power to help developers handle enterprise-scale needs.”

Benefits of Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition include: 

  • Automatic dependency updates
  • Highly responsive interactivity
  • Reduced technical debt
  • Improved code quality
  • Increased productivity

Both Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition and Mend Renovate Community Edition are self-hosted container-based applications, allowing organizations to keep everything on their own infrastructure and maintain full control over their servers. This is essential for organizations that have their code repositories behind multiple layers of internal security. Both versions also feature a job scheduler and webhooks. The job scheduler and priority job queue automate the process of running Renovate against each of the onboarded repositories. Combined with this, webhooks will trigger a Renovate job when important activities occur on the repository – like updating a package file or merging a PR. Mend will also ensure that Renovate Enterprise ships with a recent yet stable version of the open-source Renovate CLI, thus ensuring that new Renovate features are constantly being delivered to Renovate Enterprise while not sacrificing reliability.

For more information on Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition, visit www.mend.io/renovate-enterprise/.

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Mend.io, formerly known as WhiteSource, has over a decade of experience helping global organizations build world-class AppSec programs that reduce risk and accelerate development – using tools built into the technologies that software and security teams already love. Our automated technology protects organizations from supply chain and malicious package attacks, vulnerabilities in open source and custom code, and open-source license risks. With a proven track record of successfully meeting complex and large-scale application security needs, Mend.io is the go-to technology for the world’s most demanding development and security teams. The company has more than 1,000 customers, including 25 percent of the Fortune 100, and manages Renovate, the open source automated dependency update project. For more information, visit www.mend.io, the Mend.io blog, and Mend.io on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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