Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition

Enterprise-Grade Dependency Updates


Reduce Technical Debt with Scalable Automated Dependency Management

Regularly maintaining and updating dependencies is crucial to ensuring application security, but in today’s high-volume development world, companies often struggle to balance security risk with development deadlines. Renovate Enterprise Edition helps teams cut technical debt while still meeting deadlines using a solution built for the needs of enterprise development teams. Now, companies can provision as many resources as they like to cover the size and scale of their entire organization without suffering performance problems due to resource limitations.

Key Features

Automated Dependency Updates

Improve development efficiency and decrease your technical debt by having updates delivered right to the repository.

Full-Scale Automation

Streamline and optimize your entire dependency management process with full-scale automation that allows you to promptly process all the repository scans in your applications.

Merge Confidence

Prevent breaking changes with Merge Confidence ratings that tell you the likelihood an update will pass without breaking your application.

Smart Merge Control

Automatically group and even merge high-confidence dependencies updates; reducing the burden on your developers.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to help, ensuring that you get the most out of Renovate Enterprise Edition.

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