Reducing Open Source Security Risks in Apps & IoT Devices

Over the past years, attacks on the application layer have become more and more common. Recent research reports on reducing enterprise AppSec risks have found that the highest level of security risk is considered by many to be in the application layer.

Applications remain a top cause of external breaches, and the prevalence of open source, API, and containers only adds complexity to the security team. Happily, organizations have started to recognize the importance of application security and are embedding security more tightly into the development phase. As application development continues to evolve, security pros will need to stay on top of emerging security tools to ensure that they don’t get caught unaware.

Meanwhile, open source usage continues to grow, and security hygiene as-is can’t keep up.

Open source usage has only accelerated as development teams strive to produce high-quality applications quickly. 60% to 80% of an average app’s code base is comprised of open source components. Unfortunately, open source vulnerabilities continue to be pervasive, and firms are often unable to react quickly enough to remediate the issues.

In this webinar our experts will discuss the security challenges and risks companies face when it comes to securing their devices and applications against data theft, supply chain attacks, hijacking, ransomware via OSS vulnerabilities and what the possible solutions are in order to prevent these risks.