Removing Technical and Security Debt with Dev – First AppSec tooling

As organizations AppSec tools and practices shift left in the DevOps pipeline, development teams are required to assume responsibility for security tasks. While this is an important step toward achieving DevSecOps maturity, integrating application security testing tools risks burying developers under a seemingly never-ending list of security alerts.

How can organizations make sure that development and security teams are able to address security as early as possible in the DevOps pipeline, without slowing down development?

In this session, we will explore:

  • How key features in dev-first security tooling can enable your developers to take ownership of security
  • How you can detect, prioritize and remediate security issues early, without slowing down development
  • Reducing the alert noise of false positives to remove manual bottlenecks to shift left
  • Achieving security testing automation as part of your CI/CD pipeline to test your applications and APIs