Who Owns Application Security in the Age of DevOps?

Application security is a top priority today for companies that are developing software. However, it is also becoming more challenging and complex as release frequency continues to rise, more open source components are adopted, and the requirements for data security are getting stricter. Thanks to new DevOps practices and tools, development cycles are getting shorter, allowing organizations to meet market demands and deliver a superior customer experience, but is application security keeping up? How is it possible to develop at the speed of business, while also maintaining application security, particularly for open source components? Developers have a key role to play in balancing security with the need for rapid innovation. Join Jeffrey Martin and Rhys Arkins, the Directors of Product at WhiteSource, as they discuss:

  • The latest insights leading AppSec and open source security to shift left into early stages
  • Conclusions from our research that encompassed a survey of over 650 software developers worldwide
  • Strategies and tools that can be used to develop both quickly and securely