Security at the Speed of DevOps

Mend SAST lets enterprise application developers create new applications quickly, without sacrificing security.

Hybrid cloud solutions

Easy to use and fast to deploy. Peace of mind: your source code does not leave your premises.

Automated remediation

Automated remediation writes the exact code changes needed to fix code flaws. You can review the recommended code changes and approve or disapprove of them through a pull request.

SAST automated remediation code example

Ease of use

Mend SAST takes minutes to set up, is easy to use, and functions on raw source code – removing the potentially dangerous need to upload your code to the cloud. It also integrates with your existing DevOps environment and CI/CD pipeline, so developers don’t need to separately configure or trigger the scan. It’s available at the right time, in the right place.

Mend SAST integrations

Unified developer platform

Mend SAST and Mend SCA both conveniently show security alerts within the developer’s native environment, including your code repository.

SAST security alerts

Fast scanning results

Up to 10x faster than traditional SAST solutions. So fast, it can be triggered with every code commit, without slowing down your developers.

Comprehensive language support

Mend SAST supports 27 different programming languages and various different programming frameworks.

Bridge the culture gap

The efficiency and ease-of-use of Mend SAST will help your software developers learn to trust their software tools and collaborate more readily with members of your security team.

Security at the Speed of DevOps


See vulnerabilities without leaving your developer environment with easy integration into your workflow.


Scan thousands of source code lines within seconds or minutes.


See over 70 CWE types — including OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 — in desktop, web and mobile applications.