How to Achieve Zero Trust in Application Security

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The past several years have seen a significant rise in cyberattacks across nearly every industry and sector. At the same time, companies are moving applications and systems to the cloud at an unprecedented rate. These trends have driven many organizations to reassess their security strategies and infrastructure, particularly around application security. 

Join our experts in a fascinating discussion that will cover:

  • The top challenges companies face in building an application security strategy
  • Effective vulnerability identification and remediation
  • The importance of automation for secure application development


Meet Our Experts:

Gevorg Melikdjanjan, Product Manager, Logic Technology 

Gevorg Melikdjanjan is product manager at Logic Technology working with companies in sectors such as industrial automation, aerospace, medical and automotive.

With several years of experience in the embedded market, his focus is directed towards helping customers increase reliability in critical applications and strengthen the security aspect of their software development process.


Luke Brogan, Solution Engineer, MEND

Luke has been working in the IT industry for 11 years. In this time, he has proven to be a dedicated, committed and passionate IT professional. He is regarded as a widely experienced technology manager who strives in delivering operational and security brilliance. Luke has worked in several roles that have also ranged industries, from Application Management, Infrastructure, to IT Management. He has worked with industry leading brands like BMW Group, Nominet, Arrival and BeyondTrust.

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