Maximizing SAST: A Guide for Developers and Security Specialists

Live Webinar

June 13, 2024 at 2:00 pm ET

Struggling to maintain software security amidst evolving threats? Dive into our exclusive webinar tailored for developers AND security professionals alike.

Explore the challenges encountered in securing software applications and unlock the potential of Static Application Security Testing (SAST). Our experts will guide you through practical strategies to enhance your security posture from configuring SAST tools for optimal performance to fostering a proactive security culture.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Real-world insights: A deep dive into security vulnerabilities detected by SAST and their impact.
  • Maximizing SAST efficiency: Proven techniques for configuring SAST tools to deliver accurate results.
  • Proactive security methodologies: Transitioning from reactive to proactive security measures with SAST.
  • Developer empowerment: Equipping developers with secure coding practices identified through SAST.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your software security strategy.

Chris Lindsey
Application Security Evangelist –

Chris Lindsey is a seasoned speaker who has appeared at conferences, webinars, and private events. Currently building an online community and creating a podcast series, Chris draws on expertise from more than 15 years of direct security experience and over 35 years of experience leading teams in programming and software, solutions, and security architecture.

For three years, Chris built and led an entire application security program that includes the implementation of mature AppSec programs, including oversight of security processes and procedures, SAST, DAST, CSA/OSA, compliance, training, developer communication, code reviews, application inventory gathering, and risk analysis.

Sam Quakenbush
VP of Field Engineering –

Sam Quakenbush has spent the past 10 years working for cyber security companies covering various domains – application security, cloud security, software development, and consulting. He is currently the VP of Field Engineering at Mend. He is known for advising enterprise customers on how to implement a Secure Software Development Lifecycle using industry leading application security solutions and best practices.