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Malicious Packages Special Report: Attacks Move Beyond Vulnerabilities

Malicious packages are a growing threat, and they may already have infiltrated your applications. Malicious package attacks spiked significantly from 2021 to 2022, further indication of their growing security risk to the open source ecosystem. research observed a 315 percent spike in the publication of malicious packages to open source registries such as npm...

FINOS: The 2022 State of Open Source in Financial Services

This report identifies the extent to which the financial services industry is active in open source, creating a baseline of understanding of governance, leadership, consumption, contribution, culture, and overall open source aspiration. Further, the report highlights the obstacles and challenges to improving industry-wide collaboration and concludes with a set of actionable insights for improving the...

npm Threat Report

What’s in the report? Learn how the most popular JavaScript package manager – npm – is being used by malicious actors to launch attacks, run botnets, and steal credentials and crypto. Why should you care about malicious npm activity? JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language globally, and 68% of developers depend upon it...

Mend Research Report — Remediating Vulnerabilities in npm Packages

As AppSec practices continue to shift left into development, the task of ensuring that open source libraries are up-to-date and vulnerability-free falls on developers’ shoulders -- and it is quite a task. In order to gain a better understanding of the process of open source vulnerability management, our Knowledge Team analyzed vulnerable npm packages, checking the CVE publication date and comparing it to the release date of the vulnerabilities’ fix.