360° Kubernetes Security: From Source Code to K8s Configuration Security

Kubernetes has become the default way for many organizations to scale and orchestrate their use of containers. However, organizations are starting to find themselves needing to take the necessary steps to protect their containers. Automating security checks throughout the development life cycle can help reduce risk and allow organizations to develop and deploy securely.

Join Shiri Ivstan, Senior Product Manager at WhiteSource and Yaniv Peleg Tsabari, Senior Director of Product Management at Alcide, as they explore the world of security in Kubernetes and discuss:

  • The security risks associated with open-source code and Kubernetes environments
  • Supply Chain: Continuous Security throughout the CI/CD pipeline
  • Security aspects throughout the development cycle, such as Image Scanning, Image Assurance, K8s Configuration hygiene and more.
  • How to automate policies with respect to the above techniques throughout the CI/CD pipeline in order to facilitate more secure application deployments.