The CISO’s Guide to AppSec Innovation

Threat actors operate by an ironclad rule: If it’s important to businesses, it’s important to them. And they certainly understand the crucial business role of applications. Applications are now the number one attack vector, while software supply chain attacks increased 650 percent in a year. Clearly, if you don’t already have a modern application security program that can support today’s digital world, you need to build one.

But how do you make sure that your program will be effective? To achieve this, you should answer a set of key questions that we cover in this webinar, where you’ll learn:

  • What you should know to build an effective AppSec strategy (and probably don’t)
  • Why and how you can ensure that you have buy-in to AppSec from the top down in your organization
  • How and why to bake in application security to developers’ working practices
  • Why you should think like attackers to beat them
  • What tools and strategies enable you to achieve this
  • Why AppSec needs to be integrated across the entirety of a development program

Speaker: Chris Lindsey, Senior Solutions Architect at