Diving Into the Evil internet – Vulnerability Prioritization Through the Eyes of Hackers

It’s a fact: software development teams are constantly bombarded with an increasingly high number of security alerts.

Since fixing all vulnerabilities is unrealistic, it’s imperative that teams find a method to zero in on the security vulnerabilities that matter.

The key: prioritization. But, there’s a big question: Which is the best way to prioritize? There are certainly multiple ways teams can determine what to remediate first, but which are the best practices? And how does this correlate with the hacker community’s choices? We’ve looked at the data – and it’s certainly not what you think.

Join David Habusha, VP Product at WhiteSource & Paulo Shakarian, CEO at CYR3CON, as they discuss: – The top 5 most common ways organizations prioritize security vulnerabilities – How each approach correlates with the perspective of the hacker community – The 2 best vulnerability prioritization approaches