How to Leverage Defense-in-Depth to Prepare For the Next Log4j

How prepared was your firm to handle the Log4j vulnerability that was announced in December 2021? The best firms were prepared and loaded for bear, and they completely mitigated and remediated their risk within hours of the announcement. What can you learn from their approach and how can you prepare for the next inevitable widespread vulnerability?

In this webinar, security experts from AWS and WhiteSource will explain how you can be prepared to handle the next major vulnerability announcement. Register now and learn what “good” looks like, as well as:

  • Tips for proper preparation: Know your attack surface
  • How to guarantee a quick reaction: Leverage your cloud controls
  • The path to full remediation: Leverage application security tools such as SCA


ARON EIDELMAN, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS
JACK MARSAL, Senior Director of Product Marketing – WhiteSource