Securing Container-Based Applications at the Speed of DevOps

Thanks to containerization and automation, applications are being developed and delivered faster than ever. With tools such as AWS ECR, developers are able to store, manage and deploy Docker container images without having to worry about operating their own container repositories or scaling the underlying infrastructure. With this, however, arise challenges around managing the security and compliance aspect of your container images. With tools such as WhiteSource, developers are able to manage the security of their containers and container images with no impact on agility and speed.
Join Shiri Ivtsan, Product Manager at WhiteSource and Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect at AWS, as they discuss the following:

  • Effectively managing and deploying your container images
  • Gaining full visibility into your container images
  • Building and automating security into each layer of the container environment to ensure a continuous process throughout the SDLC Demonstrating a live example using a vulnerable container image.