Software Security Challenges & Opportunities in Banking

The banking industry lives and dies by being fast, accurate, and completely dependable. It’s critical that you can detect, identify, and remediate software vulnerabilities as fast as possible, to reinforce application security most effectively. This is particularly vital with open source software that is increasingly prevalent in your sector, where its use continues to grow at pace.

  • What software and application security needs and concerns are particular to banking?
  • What patterns of components and dependencies’ consumption and usage characterize the banking sector?
  • What are the actionable insights for improving the state of software and application security in banking?
  • What challenges to software and application security does the sector face, and what are the solutions for these challenges?
  • What obstacles are there to improving industry-wide collaboration, and what can advanced security solutions offer to overcome these obstacles?
  • What can open source contributors do to ensure that they are not causing vulnerabilities in the banking software supply chain?


  • Rhys Arkins, Mend VP Product Management
  • Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation Senior Director of Strategic Programs and SPDX founder
  • Amol Shukla, Morgan Stanley Executive Director and FINOS DevOps SIG Lead