The DevSecOps Showdown – How to Bridge the Gap Between Security and Developers

DevSecOps requires processes and tools that enable weaving security throughout the DevOps pipeline. It is much more than a buzzword, and if you’d ask most organizations, well – they believe they are in the process of adopting DevSecOps tools and practices. But – are they?

In order to deeply understand the state of DevSecOps implementation we need to learn more about the relationship between developers and security teams. After surveying more than 560 application security professionals and software developers we found several insights.

Join Jeff Martin, Associate VP Product Management and Rhys Arkins, Director of Product Management at WhiteSource and learn:

-The current challenges of the security and development teams when it comes to AppSec

-The contradicting views & gaps between the teams on DevSecOps maturity

-How to break the silos and advance towards DevSecOps maturity