The Need for Speed: Accelerated AppSec Scanning in Azure DevOps Repos

Now, enterprises using Azure DevOps Repos can add automated application security testing directly to the repo. This DevSecOps approach combines convenience for developers along with features that security professionals want such as centralized deployment, management and policy enforcement.

If your organization uses Azure DevOps, attend this webinar to learn how easy it is to add application security testing to your repo. This solution from Mend will allow you to:
* Scan open source code to identify vulnerabilities and license compliance violations
* Scan custom code to identify code flaws
* Detect problematic components early in the SDLC
* Save time and remediate security issues efficiently

* Vital Batyr, Product Manager at Mend
* Andy Huang, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
* Michael Holder, DevOps Specialist at LEARFIELD