The Security Phoenix: A Modern Approach to DevSecOps Focus on People

DevSecOps is usually a tool or fast speed approach to the organization. This talk, however, will take you through a different approach.

With a holistic view of the organization, the security phoenix methodology takes into account a large organization with assessment, maturity matrix, scoring system and measurement options. We will walk through the problem of Build and Test (DEV/TEST) and how they relate to Design and Operate in a modern approach to SDLC.

Why is the metric important and how to measure progress? The talk is aimed at specialists that want a holistic approach of DevSecOps, a practitioner that wonders where an architect or ops guy fits in this brave new world.

The talk will give a real-life example, stories, as well as use cases to take the fluff talk out of the DevSecOps phrase! We talk real numbers and cases here, so tune in.