Webinar – Best Practices for Using Open Source Libraries in Cloud Based Development

Much like other areas of computing, the cloud is already changing the way applications are designed, developed, deployed, and managed. According to Gartner, cloud-based development and open source are main growth drivers in the application development software market.

“Cloud development allows software engineers to collaborate in real-time, track changes, and work on multiple branches of a code base. Working in the cloud, developers can focus on coding and not worry about installing, customizing and upgrading their tools”. – Corregan Brown, co- founder at ProjectLocker.

Join Corregan Brown, co- founder of ProjectLocker, and Rami Sass, co-founder of WhiteSource to learn about the benefits of cloud-based development and how to best manage the use of open source.

On the Agenda:

  • Cloud-based Development Best Practices
  • Open Source Management Best practices
  • How to manage your own code and open source components in a cloud-based development environment