Webinar – Controlling Open Source Security Vulnerabilities

Like 80% of other development teams, you are increasingly relying on open source components. This enables you to develop faster, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

On the flip side, it is very difficult to know what components were used, and in which parts of your product. When a security vulnerability is discovered in an open source component, you will likely not know. And when it is fixed, no one will tell you that a new version is available.

You’re not alone… Research shows that 70% of applications fail to comply with basic enterprise security policies, and that 85% of software projects relied on at least one open source library that was out of date.

There is a better way….

Rami Sass, WhiteSource CEO, shows how you can continuously track your open source components and be notified when a security vulnerability is discovered and when it is fixed.

The session covers:

  • Open source security vulnerabilities
  • How to effectively track and update your open source inventory down to the last dependency
  • How to be notified about security vulnerabilities and bug fixes
  • How to deploy an effective open source governance program