Open Source
Management For Containers

Keep your open source components secure and compliant throughout the development lifecycle from inside your containerized environments.

With You Every Step of the Way

Continuously detect vulnerabilities and manage licenses from early development all the way to production.

Any Container Registry

With native support for all popular container registries, Mend for containers continuously secures and enforces policies in real-time.

Azure Container
Google Container
GitHub Packages

Risk-Free Deployment

Deploy confidently. By placing a lightweight pod inside your Kubernetes cluster, Mend automatically scans pods deployed to production for vulnerabilities or compliance issues and enforces policies automatically. No need to worry about compatibility the Kubernetes controller supports all managed service providers (AKS, EKS, GKS).

Management That’s
Built for Containers

Track your containers with technology specifically designed to match the demands of containerized environments. That way, managing containers seamlessly fit into your development workflow.

The Simplest Way to Manage Open Source
in Containers

Policy Enforcement

Automatically block problematic components from entering your software.

Continuous Integration

Streamline your development with native integrations into container registries and orchestration platforms.

Real Time Alerts

Get security alerts as soon as a new issue is reported or a vulnerable component is added to your container.

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Discover how Mend helps simplify the management of open source components in your software.

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