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With over 11B source files, over 200 languages, and over 100M libraries, our vulnerability database is the most comprehensive of its kind.

Bring Order to
Your Open Source Usage

Harness the power of the global community to secure and manage your open source usage and develop great software.

Open Source Community


Vulnerabilities are precisely associated with their impacted components using patented technology built to distinguish true vulnerabilities from false positives.


Sourced from dozens of security advisories, issue trackers, the NVD and more, our database identifies vulnerabilities, analyzes severity, suggests fixes, and more.

Your Software


All open source components, including transitive dependencies, are automatically identified each time you run your build or do a commit.


Components are automatically located on our database and matched with their licenses, vulnerabilities, remediation options, and other valuable metrics.


Vulnerabilities are prioritized based on if they are called by your code, reducing up to 85% of security alerts and speeding up remediation.

The Easiest Way to Manage Open Source


We support over 200 languages in all environments, both containerized and serverless. We also support all relevant teams in your organization – legal, security, DevOps, and developers.


No unnecessary alerts. No false positives. Mend separates the real problems from the noise, enabling you to become 70%-85% more efficient.


Alerts are just the beginning. Mend provides community-verified fixes and full trace analysis to enable quicker remediation.

Make Life Easy For Your Developers

Discover a simpler way for developers to secure their software and accelerate development.

Easily Manage and Secure Open Source in Containers

Get full visibility and control over your containers across all your container registries throughout the development lifecycle.

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