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WhiteSource Announces New Packages and Pricing for its Portfolio

When COVID-19 hit there was a lot of confusion. Nobody really knew how it would affect application security in general and open source security in particular. Despite all initial concerns, in FY’2020 WhiteSource saw a dramatic increase in both the number of sales and the size and extensiveness of each deal. We have doubled the number of deals with enterprises and more than doubled the revenue from those deals.

Software composition analysis (SCA) is the fastest growing AppSec technology since it is the fastest and easiest to implement and it provides immediate value from day one. We believe this is a direct result of stakeholders’ increasing awareness of the potential threats in application security as well as the immediate need to become more efficient in development cycles without compromising on the level of security. In parallel, working from home presented new challenges for development and security teams, increasing the need for better visibility and control as well as a growing demand for automation.

Given the above mentioned market trends, we have chosen to update the WhiteSource offering to accommodate customers’ needs, and adjust our portfolio accordingly.

WhiteSource is presenting a new portfolio which includes four different solutions for open source security and compliance depending on the specific users as well as the organizational open source security maturity level.

The new portfolio integrates vulnerability prioritization as a built-in capability in our offering. Customers have stated repeatedly that their main challenge is selecting which security vulnerabilities to address first. Furthermore, as organizations become more mature in their open source security strategies, their next challenge after prioritization becomes remediation as early as possible in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Therefore, our top solution also includes all ‘shift left’ capabilities to support early remediation, together with the capability to scale as the company grows.

1. Free tool – Find & Fix open source vulnerabilities — designed for individual users and offered free of charge.

2. Essentials – Find and fix open source vulnerabilities, while getting an overview of your open source dependencies in the Azure pipeline environment. This is a new solution we are launching, designed to serve small teams in SMBs.

3. WhiteSource Teams – The foundation to your open source security — detect, prioritize, and remediate what matters first. This solution is ideal for SMBs or for small teams within Enterprises.

4. WhiteSource Enterprise – Detect early and fix quickly. Provides solutions for a broad range of use cases throughout the SDLC, while giving all stakeholders full visibility, and scaling as your company grows. WhiteSource Enterprise was designed for enterprises but can be a perfect fit for SMBs with a mature open source security posture.

For more information please visit https://www.mend.io/pricing/

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