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Diving Into the Evil internet – Vulnerability Prioritization Through the Eyes of Hackers

It’s a fact: software development teams are constantly bombarded with an increasingly high number of security alerts. Since fixing all vulnerabilities is unrealistic, it’s imperative that teams find a method to zero in on the security vulnerabilities that matter. The key: prioritization. But, there’s a big question: Which is the best way to prioritize? There...

The State of Open Source Security

Open source security, once viewed as an oxymoron, has come into its own as a way for organizations to secure their environments without breaking their bank. As a result, a plethora of open source security technologies have flooded the market, creating more opportunity as well as challenges and a healthy dose of confusion. The webinar...

5 Things to know about Open Source Security

Open Source has become the key building block for application development in today’s market, where companies are under constant pressure to accelerate time to market. The increasing adoption of open source components, however, has introduced new security challenges that most teams are not prepared to mitigate in their current posture. Join the industry expert, at...