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Container Security: Securing from Within

Containers increase speed, simplify operations, improve development efficiency and bring a slew of other benefits, making them a top choice for agile deployment infrastructure. In our latest panel webinar with Container Journal, we outlined the critical importance of container security and provides best practices and tools to ensure your container environment is as secure as...

The State of Open Source Security Management

It is no secret – open source has become the main building block in modern applications, and it is almost impossible to develop software at today’s pace without it. However, as the open source community grows, and the number of reported vulnerabilities keeps climbing, manually verifying the security and compliance of open source components can...

Live Webinar: Improving Security in a Devops World

application security is becoming a key area of focus for organizations. Join this interactive Q&A panel of industry experts to learn more about: – How to integrate application security testing into the DevOps process early on – Why automation, speed and coverage are critical to the success of DevSecOps programs – Speed vs Security: Where...