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Open Source Security Software

"When it comes to security standards, open source can feel a bit like the wild west. There are no standards to govern open source coding and usage, meaning security vulnerabilities can become..."

Why Software Delivery Needs a Digital Transformation

Since all businesses now rely on software to function and perform services, the need for fast and secure delivery of software products and patches has never been greater. It needs a digital transformation. {BANNER} Software Delivery is Full of Challenges for Large Tech Companies If you’re a technology professional, you know that it’s always a...

Top 10 Resources for Exploring the World of Open Source

"If you manage a team of developers, you need to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest major developments in Open Source. Whether you need to keep an eye on your industry's latest open source..."

We Made Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

Mend has just released its selection-tool plugin, which is one of many features which makes open source management and security for our customers as easy pie. But getting to this stage has...

Open Source’s Role in the Internet of Things

"The future of your enterprise here and that future is the Internet of Things (IoT). Less than a decade ago, it was pure pie in the sky that you would be able to remotely control your home’s..."

Bad Lock Security Vulnerabilities

BadLock is a security vulnerability discovered recently on March 22nd in Samba and Windows. Samba is an open source project, under the GNU licenses. It provides a fast file and print services for...

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Top Performing Developers

"The war for developers is hotter than ever these days. Software developers are currently enjoying one of the brightest employment outlooks with unemployment rate less than half of the national..."

The Open Source Revolution

"The open source journey started back in the ‘50s with free software. It had many stops along the way until it became what we know today as open source. Open source finds its roots in the U.S...."

How to Keep Your Top Developers Happy

"Let’s admit: great developers are hard to find. But what if your top-performing developers were to walk up to you today and say that he or she has decided to move on? You'd feel terrible,..."

Are You Aware of Artificial Intelligence Going Open Source?

What started in the 1970’s with the computer system ‘expert system’, continue in the 1990’s with IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ defeating chess world champion Garry Kasparov, turned into a race to dominated...