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Top 10 Weirdest Names for Open Source Projects

The folks behind these creative projects assembled below took the name creation to a new level. We have sought out some of the strangest and cleverest open source project names

March Madness Comes to GitHub

Cheer on your favorite repositories as they go for the win Few things in the world of programming are as universal as GitHub. Boasting over 4 million users, the code-sharing site prides itself on...

Webinar: 5 Things Every CISO Needs To Know About OS Security

Open Source has become the key building block for application development in today’s market, where companies are under constant pressure to accelerate time to market. The increasing adoption of open source components, however, has introduced new security challenges that most teams are not prepared to mitigate in their current posture. In this webinar, we will...

Staying on Top of Your Organization’s Technical Debt

The famous, American poet Emily Dickinson is credited back in the 19th century as stating that “forever is composed of nows.” Today, the world of software is all about rapid releases, innovative...