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Security Challenges and Opportunities of Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to shift to a remote workforce almost overnight, most of which were not prepared for the sudden change. In their efforts to ensure their employees could remain productive, a number of organizations relaxed their security policies and unwittingly exposed their networks to compromise. As the pandemic continues, security challenges...

The Battle for Container Security

As a technology, containers have done much to advance software development. However, it’s not without its issues, particularly in regards to security. Container security challenges have delayed or halted deployments, impeding organizations’ process in their quest to produce better quality software, faster. In this webinar, we discuss the current state of container security and what...

DevSecOps: Best Practices for Enterprises

The benefits of DevSecOps make a compelling case for its adoption. However, for many enterprise organizations, progressing from adoption to scale continues to be a challenge – which in turn, impacts their chances of success. So how can you implement DevSecOps to date and ensure a visible and continuous delivery pipeline for software releases without...