Automatically Remediate Open Source Vulnerabilities

Mend Solution for Remediating Vulnerabilities

One of the most reliable risk mitigation strategies is to keep your open source components continuously patched to avoid being exposed to known vulnerabilities.

Mend Remediate, which supports GitHub (server and cloud), GitLab and Bitbucket (server) repositories, automates the entire process for detecting vulnerable or outdated components, identifies the latest available version and generates a pull request that can be applied with one click.

Automated remediation workflows can be initiated based on security vulnerability policies triggered by a vulnerability detection, vulnerability severity, CVSS score or when a new version is released.

By automating this process, Mend helps companies remediate vulnerable libraries faster, reduces security and quality risks, and saves your developers precious time.

Real Time Monitoring

Continuously detect the latest versions for outdated libraries

Single Click Fix

Get automated fix pull requests (PR) for quicker remediation

Widest Coverage

Supports multiple languages, file types and repositories

See why Mend is named a leader in the Forrester Wave SCA Report, Q3 2021