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Shifting Priorities of Digital Native Security

Should a modern security strategy be based on the assumptions that source code will never be leaked, or that “internal” networks will never be breached? Join AWS, HackerOne and WhiteSource’s upcoming virtual roundtable discussion where our industry experts will discuss how the importance of security threats have changed as companies and products shift to a...

Open Source Risk Management in the Financial Sector

The days when financial institutions were hesitant to adopt open source software are over. Today, even the largest firms and banks in the financial sector have realized the massive benefits of using open source technology to build powerful, innovative applications at a reduced time-to-market. Join our live panel discussion led by industry leaders from Wells...

Why Open Source Dependencies Are Your Blind Spot?

Few years ago, JavaScript developers worldwide saw their applications failing to build or compile. It was soon learned that the outages were due to a developer pulling his packages out of npm, a dependency manager for JavaScript. The unpublished packages included an 11-line left-pad function that was downloaded 2.5 million times in the month prior...